As if you all haven't heard about it enough, but my hubby was away a couple a weeks ago to take a team of 63 people to Victoria, Mexico. He got to go a few times to one of our favorite places to visit and sometimes stay, the orphanage of El Rancho de Louisiana. My husband has been able to go numerous times the past 12 years and I only three, but it holds many dear memories for us both. On our last trip together, almost 5 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with our first. I haven't been back since, but hope to do so again when our kiddos are a few years older. These are some of the images my husband caught on his visit...

Seeing these sweet little faces and remembering some of their horrid stories, but all the while still having contagious laughs, made me have to recheck my priorities. I am trying not blog while my children are up just so they know they are number one and I am making sure my husband is top priority and that he feels it. I never want to take for granted where God has put me in life. I am thankful I can cloth my children, eat well, have a home that I love, and a family that I can love on. Oh, and because of Mexican laws these sweet little children can not be adopted.

A few of these are doubled, but if you like to see more you can go here and scroll down a bit.