Shopping Hiatus {2}

What shopping hiatus? Oh yes the one I am suppose to be on till the end of the year, well, I must have forgotten. As the story goes...

I went to Target to just see if they had pillows for a friends home I am redoing, they did, and they also had some for me. They were on sale if that makes a difference. I really wanted a pillow for this little rocker. It is the chair that my grandfather was rocked in when he was a just a baby. It was in my son's room and now that he is getting older I moved it out. I wanted a more modern pillow for such a classic chair and this one was perfect. Was I really suppose to wait till next year?

Then as I was leaving I saw these lovely little glasses. They are that hard plastic. I am sure there is a better name for them, but right now that word escapes me. I thought they would be perfect for all the dining we do outdoors. I do not like using my glass one's outdoors with kiddos and plastic disposable one's are no good for the environment. I thought these were a happy and pretty medium.

No, I did not buy this swimsuit, but I wish I would. Isn't it lovely.

Oh, and I also bought two lanterns for by my front door. These, however, I did buy within my own parameters. I will share them as soon as the new door knocker goes up. I am quite excited about it. Then my hubby saw me admiring this lovely chair for the bedroom and the next thing I know he told me to buy it. I can't wait till it comes in. So as you can see the hiatus is not going so well, but this does start a new week for new beginnings, right?