My Garden

So it's a bit cold today, kind of odd since it's been in the 70's lately, oh well. As soon as it warms back up I am going to work on my garden. I have a dear friend who has a passion for gardening and she has offered to get mine in tip top shape. I could not be more excited. The kiddos and I spend so much time in the yard that I really just want it to be enchanting. Hubby actually started it for me last year for a Mother's Day gift. I am hoping it will be done by this Mother's Day. I believe our actual yard is made up of more weeds than grass so after trying to fix it ourselves for the past couple years we have finally decided to call in some help. Besides having a beautiful yard and garden I also want to make the outside more like an extra room. We already have a dining area, but I also want to add a lounge area. These are my ideas...

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I would like to replace the current light fixture to something a bit more substantial.

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I really like the first, but the second is much cheaper. This is not they exact one I was thinking of, but close. I've seen it in Lowe's, but I could not find it online.

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I would love two chaise lounges. This is the best price I've seen, but it will add up since I do want two. I may have to go a cheaper route though. I will have to see.

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I want to purchase a bunch of terracotta pots in various sizes to frame out the patio area. I then will plant them with flowers, strawberries, and a few herbs.

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I would also love to add a bird feeder or two. The kiddos love to watch the birds that stop to visit in the yard and I know would be smitten with the idea of the birds actually visiting for awhile.

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To top it all off a few throw pillows will add the coziness I am looking for.

Oh, and if anyone has any cheaper ideas for the chaise lounges I would love to hear it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.