Travel Essentials


Traveling for a mama is not always the easiest of tasks especially when you are leaving the kiddos behind. It takes countless hours of making schedules that are easy to follow, making sure the house is stocked with simple yet somewhat nutritious meals, finding rides for all the practices and games, etc etc. The list really does go on and on until I head out that door and leave all the worries behind. Surely my papa can handle all the things and if not I am sure they can figure it out, after all I do have a teen and preteen. For me, making sure the kiddos are all straight leaves me with wanting to keep my packing simple and light. The weather will be cool and rainy so the task is not an easy one. Although none of that matters, because I am most excited to celebrate our marriage doing our favorite activities, traveling, seeing the sites, and eating good food. Here are a few of my essentials that are coming with me on our trip to the Netherlands.

1. This wrap that doubles as scarf. It’s not too hot and not too cool. I love that I can use it as a blanket on the plane and also use it as a scarf for the chilly weather. Plus the price was oh so right.

2. These packing cubes help keep my suitcase organized and assisted with my goal of getting a weeks worth of needs in a single carry-on. We are doing a bunch of walking and I knew having a big suitcase would not be the easiest for me to lug around so I aimed for packing small.

3. This hydoflask goes with me everywhere. It’s small enough to toss in my tote and keeps my water cold for hours on end. Another bonus it also keeps my morning tea hot and I am less likely to spill it on myself as we walk the streets. Make sure to leave it empty until you cross security at the airport though.

4. Good reads. Traveling is not the same for me without a good book. It helps make my mind stop and rest. This year I downloaded these two on my ipad to alleviate some weight in my bag. I have become a enneagram junky and The Path Between Us sounded like a perfect read for our trip. Nothing like continually figuring each other out 15 years later. Good Riddance I downloaded simply because the cover caught my eye. Looked like an easy and fun read for the plane ride.

5. I am a straw lover. These silicone ones have helped cut down on waste plus they fold nicely into the hydroflask while shut. The texture takes some getting used to, but it is much better than relying on the plastic ones.

6. My sister loves Fits socks. They come in all different weights for warmth, dry quickly, and have built in compression. I honestly thought a sock was a sock until I started having feet issues and she let me try them. I loved them so much that I ended up buying a few for myself. These will be my lifesaver on this trip.

7. Nothing like tackling the wet streets of Amsterdam in a cute pair of rainboots. My regular size is roomy enough to pair with thick socks to keep my feet warm. I also added more comfortable insoles to keep up with the hours of walking we are planing on doing. I searched high and low for the perfect pair and wouldn't you know Target came to rescue. They are small enough to fit in my carry-on without taking up too much space.