My Healthy Living Must's

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If you have been around for the last few years then you may recall that I was in a constant battle with my health. My body would go into an auto immune response yet no one could pin point exactly why. I finally went a more holistic route, after many Dr ordered trial and error that only left me feeling worse. A couple of years ago, she was able to pinpoint a candida overgrowth and food sensitivities that caused my body to become extremely inflamed, ache constantly and left me with chronic fatigue. I went on a strict candida diet for about a year and still to this day I watch what I eat like a hawk. I avoid gluten and eggs like the plague, but have found that I can now handle bits of dairy every so often without going straight into a flair up. I keep sugar consumption low by avoiding most carbs and that includes fruits. My body just doesn't process sugar's well. The most important concept I implemented into my life that now leaves me feeling good most days, more energized and most importantly present for my family was to become conscious of my own body. When I feel fatigue creeping in I get extra hours of sleep at night and nap when needed without the guilt. I clean up my eating once again into the basics of only eating meats and vegetables. I up my all water intake to extreme amounts. Pretty simple really. My next must is to visit my chiropractor on a regular basis. I found this to be key in keeping my body moving and pain free. You can read more about the importance of alignment and the effects on the nervous system here. My mind honestly feels clearer when I leave and my body moves more freely. I find this to be so important that I now I take both the kiddos monthly. Lastly, I am dedicated to my daily supplement regimen. This is the area where my own research in conjunction with my Dr's help in finding what my body lacked is specifically aligned to my own body and what it needs. This list may be different from what you need, but if you find yourself fitting into any of the TMI info that follows then maybe some of these will benefit you too. Of course consult your own Dr to see what your own body needs more of to function as a whole. When choosing supplements I am sure to look at the ingredient list as some can have additives that don't work for me. Below is what I take and why. Overall I encourage all to find the right path for your own health journey. Every body is different and finding this regimen is what brought me back to a healthy way of living. 

Vitamin D - most folks are deficient in this area. D3 is best for vitamin absorption and supports bone, muscle and immune health. I take one pill morning and night. You can read more about the benefits here.

Magnesium - Supports the nervous system. It helps reduce inflammation which leads to my muscle aches and aids in digestion. It also helps with anxiety. I take one 400 mg pill morning and night. You can read more about the benefits here.

aloe vera gels - helps my Irritable Bowel Syndrome by aiding in keeping me regular, helps with keeping my stomach ulcers at bay, and reduces overall inflammation. I take 2 in the AM. You can read more about the benefits here

Marshmallow Root - My IBS constipation was severe for years. My stomach would swell as if I were 6 months pregnant and be so so painful. Since taking marshmallow root I haven't been constipated which has been a life long struggle of mine. I take 2 at night. You can read more about the benefits here

B12 - this vitamin helps me most with my chronic fatigue. You can read more about the benefits here. I personally use Young Living Super B that not only has B12 but is a blend. The serving size is 2 yet I find my body does best with only 1 in the morning. 

Vitamin C - aids in absorption of iron in which I struggle absorbing. It's good for the skin and boosts immunity. You can read more about the benefits here. I take Young Living Super C which is another blend that I have and love. I take 1 morning and night. 

A pill box for morning and night is what I found to help keep me diligent in actually taking my supplements. No excuses with them already delegated out when running out the door. 

Want to know about Young Living and my journey with oils? I've been using them before they were popular. If only I had the foresight into what they would be become back in 2013. I began when I became desperate with my stomach and esophagus ulcers that were caused by taking too many meds for constant migraines. I was in a constant battle of weighing which pain I could tolerate longer. Email me at if you want more info.