Summer Loving + A Few Links I Love

image via  Jenessa Wait

image via Jenessa Wait

How can it possibly be the last day of July? I feel like the kiddos just got out of school and now they go back next week. How can that possibly be? This next week will be filled with family, friends and last minute school shopping for a few odds and ends. I just want to soak up every last minute. Yes, I am THAT mother, but let's not forget I am THIS mother too. There are some perks of school starting back though. The Mr and I will have Friday date days back in full swing, topgolf is our go to. I will start tackling home projects once again by painting all our interior doors and installing the hardware I bought before Christmas. Also I have big plans with for this ole blog space and now my attention won't be divided. Hallelujah. 

Thank you all who gave input on this post. Ellie is officially ready to tackle 7th grade. Thank you for all the encouragement! 

My boy is adopting his own style and these tee's are pretty much all he wears. The sharkweek tee he is most excited about currently.

We searched for what seems like forever for a new back back for Ellie that fit her taste and needs. The last few years we bought some from big box stores and although cute they quickly fell apart with the load she had to carry. Hoping this one, in the elwha blue, lasts for the next couple of years at least. I have high hopes! 

This summer I bought new towels for the master. I agonized over which ones to get. I did not want to waste money on towels that did not live up to the price. I came across these and fell in love. They absorb well, but can fold thin enough to where they can fit in our very limited space. Plus the price could not be beat. I finally decided to do the same for the kiddos since most of those are stained or damaged. Although the solid white are no longer available I ended up buying this color way. Hoping they will hide the boy dirt that will inevitable happen. Plus the extra 30% off made it a no brainer for me since new towels were on my list of things to buy anyway. 

Talking about bathrooms, I love this one from my friend Stacy. Have you seen her new blog? It's a good one folks. 

Finally as I am entering another season I am constantly reminding myself of the above quote. Do you follow Jenessa on Instagram? She inspires me daily through beautifully written words. She has a shop too

Hope you all have a beautiful start to August!