The Pate Chair

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Photo by kellen jr age 11

Photo by kellen jr age 11

You may remember the leather sling chair that sat in this spot for quite some time. Although I loved the look it sat so low and leaned so far back that it was hard for grown adults to get up and down easily and kids would slip right out the back. Our weekly college small group never struggled, but the nearing 40 plus crowd always tried to avoid it. I tried to avoid it. I moved the leather chair to the guest room and bought this one for an extra living room perch. I searched for almost a year before I came across this one by Rowe that fit my criteria. It needed to be petite enough as it sits in the entrance to the living room, have a pretty back as you can see it from the front door and dining room, light enough to move easily during game finals for tv viewing, and it needed to be able to take a beating. I loved the simplicity of this chair and the ability to choose my own fabric. I wanted something rich feeling and this Crypton taupe velvet was perfection. It can handle every spill and and all the sports equipment that makes it way in here. It fits in well with our neutral palette, but adds the texture I adore. I now even find myself settling here as it gives ample view of our trees through our wall of windows. Some pieces are just worth the wait. 

* chair purchased locally via Barnett Furniture

Shoes by Vince