Art: A few of my favorite pieces

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Our art tends to lean towards how we have decorated our home, neutral & rather simple. I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision, but rather one that has happened organically over the years. Of course our oversized piece from our family New York trip will always be a favorite. We also framed an image {image 3} from our 10 year anniversary trip to Miami and have it hanging in our guest room. Something about hanging photos from our trips that evokes a certain feeling and memories that we want to forever treasure. I have another piece from our California trip a couple years back currently in the works. I'll share once I have it up. If you have been around Two Ellie for any sort of time you will recall I have a love for all things Cecily Lowe. Image 2 & 4 are both by her and I have another in our main living room. Too much? Maybe, but she is a local artist that I can't seem to get enough of. Her work simply speaks to me. The 4th image is actually a print of hers from Minted and I love how the modern touch makes our vintage bathroom feel a bit more like me. The last image is from another local artist, Mckenzie Dove . Her use of texture is astounding. This piece currently sits among a few of my favorite things in our bedroom, but may shift as we finish off other spaces in our home. It's almost too pretty to be hidden away in the back of the house. The top image was a piece I did. I couldn't quite find a piece that was large enough for this wall that I adored and could afford so I gave it a go. I used my go to palette of whites, creams, and browns. The three rectangular pieces are actually handmade paper that my papa brought me from Colombia years ago that I had hidden away. Now it sits prominently in our front room and brings joy to me daily. Have any pieces of your own that speak to you? I love that art is truly for the eye of the beholder.