The New Laundry Closet

Over the years, doing laundry has become one of the chores that I actually enjoy. Something about hanging and folding every piece I find rather soothing. It’s where I can lost in thought and the routine of it I find very methodical. Now that the kiddos are getting older I know this time of matching their socks is running out faster than I ever anticipated. I am doing my very best trying to hold onto these moments that I know I will one day miss. Now ask me about scrubbing the tub and shower and I have a whole other answer for you. Now on to the space that makes doing the laundry all the better.


Our old laundry space was a nook in the kitchen. Although it made hoping from cooking dinner to folding towels easy I always found it to be not the best use of space. Two plus years ago when we first walked through this home I knew this closet in the oversized hall by the bedrooms would be a perfect fit for a washer and dryer. We moved from a tiny house and simply did not need as much storage as this house supplied. If you have ever tackled a house project you know that even the smallest and somewhat simplest projects can add up financially. Of course I didn’t help it by wanting Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallpaper in here. I did save though by hanging it myself. The most costly part of it all was having the plumbing and electrical moved which we hired out for. The top is simple birch plywood that we trimmed out. The shelf in the back lifts off when we need to get to the mechanics of it all. We also had additional water shut offs installed in the basement just incase of an emergency. The cabinet is one we had that happened to fit perfectly in this space. I then painted it Sherwin Williams Iron Ore to match the surrounding wall. The knob is by emtek and has a great feel to it. My original plan was to remove the doors and add a large barn type door, but currently we are seeing how the original doors function for us as we do like how we can keep the small door open to air out the washer when needed. Even though this is just a laundry closet and not the oh so popular laundry room, it functions for us even more than I could have hoped for. Adding a favorite piece of art by Mckenzie Dove only adds to my love of this space. The baskets hold the dreaded extra socks that lost it’s mate and clothes that no longer fit the kiddos and are to be donated. I also wouldn’t put it past me to add flowers to that vase. After all this is my happy place.


Wallpaper | flat black cabinet knob | vase Target {similar} | art | hangers | trash can | baskets | detergent for the special loads | towels Target {similar and actually own also}