Ellie's Teen Room

Trying to write a well thought out blog post before having my second cup of coffee doesn’t seem like the wisest idea. Alas here we are, so I am going to keep it short and sweet. Ellie was very particular on how she wanted her teen room. She wanted final say on pieces, but wasn’t fully opposed to me giving ideas. In the end her room turned out to be a space that we all love. It’s young, fun yet still has a certain level of sophistication. It’s really all of Ellie’s traits in a bedroom.

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One of the biggest changes was getting rid of my childhood bed. She wanted something more grown up and less french provincial. In the end we came up with a wall to wall headboard that fits perfectly under the windows. My sister and I made it one morning while she was school. It was simple. The middle section in a hollow core door on legs. Having this section risen lets her get to her outlet when needed. The sides go fully to floor and are pieces of plywood that I had cut at lowes. The padding under the fabric are foam bed toppers and the fabric was from etsy. I wish you could see the metallic thread that is woven throughout the linen. It really is lovely. As a base we used a simple metal frame and on top is our favorite mattress that currently lives in both the kiddos rooms and the guest room.

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The biggest purchase was this dresser which was needed after her ikea one broke. We looked for months and this is the only one she really loved. I waited for one of West Elm’s big sales and bit the bullet. It functions beautifully and it’s a piece that can go with her once she moves out.

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We have had these art pieces for quite some time and once Ellie choose her color palette we knew they needed to live here. The top is by Michelle Armas and the bottom by Clare Elsaesser.

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She is ready to retire the bunny lamp, but I think I will need to keep it around for my grandbabies. The romans are my favorite budget friendly find.

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Our future plans is to remove the shelves although right now they function too well to tear them out. Once we do then we can repair the cracked ceiling where the plaster has pulled away. We also plan to join the two closets, there is another one behind the door, to make it more functional. Do you spy her little inspiration board? She changes the quote every month and every time I see it I feel a little more confident that we are not totally blowing the parenting a teen thing.

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This rug is vintage and pulls the whole room together beautifully. It may be my favorite piece and at times I want to pull it out into the main house. It is just that pretty.

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I was a little nervous to hand over the reigns as her taste is vastly different from mine, but I also know the importance of her needing a space that is all her’s. In the end she did good, really good. Proud mom here who is nearing the end of her second cup of jo.

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