The Powder Bath - Progress

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I know I should wait till this space is complete before giving a reveal, but if you remember the BEFORE then this looks not too bad at all. Still on my to do list is to have the counters changed, paint the trim to match the walls in which I painted SW alabaster like the rest of the house, and I already have this faucet waiting to be placed. I would say the previous owners did this bathroom in maybe the early 90's and it was just too fancy for my more laid back taste. Originally I planned on removing the cabinet and replace it with a floating shelf/vanity, but the longer we lived here I realized on school mornings one of the kiddos would get ready in there so we need the drawer space to hide all the sprays, combs, and soon to be makeup. I then considered just painting the cabinet, but dreamed of having a natural wood vanity somewhere in this house. The Mr decided to just see what was beneath the dark red stain and lo and behold it was a beautiful wood. We added this hardware from Rejuvenation and it seriously is just so gorgeous. Also in the pic it looks like they are not lined up, but they are, just a weird camera angle in the tight space. We had the new light fixtures added and had the electrical boxes moved up to add height to the space. It helps make the space feel not so tight and houses the mirror I found at Home Goods awhile back. I wanted the lights to be super simple and a little unfinished looking to keep with the overall laid back look I was trying to achieve. I swear it's harder to get a laid back look rather than a polished one or maybe it's just designing my own house that makes me second guess every step. Also how many times can I say "laid back look" in one post. Anyhow, I love the way the new fixtures look with my favorite bulbs. The TP holder was a life changer. We used to have one that you had to remove the little round thing and actually replace it with another roll of paper then throw away the old roll. The horror I know, but for real how hard is it? Now I find that everyone actually changes the roll on their own due to the ease of it all. It's the little things. Finally the way the toilet is off set with the builtins drove me a little nuts within the design realm. I couldn't change either due to cost so I just balanced the wall with fun little tassels from our local Sugarboo. Now to finish off the space to match my original inspo board. Love seeing a design come to life! 

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