The Sofa

We have been in the market for a new sofa since moving in over a year ago. Our old sofa, scale wise, was way too small. We wanted a piece that could house a lot of people and could handle a rainy day movie marathon. I was thrilled when West Elm released this sofa around Christmas or at least that was when I took notice. The Mr and I looked at a ridiculous amount of sofa's over the course of the year, but could not agree on one until now. He is 6'6" and I am a mere 5'3" on a good day. Having us both be comfortable is a challenge. My legs do dangle, but I am a throw the legs up kind of girl anyway. We can fit four comfortably and when we host college students we can fit a whole lot more. I love that is made out of recycled materials and renewable sources. We went with the 92" long and the standard 41" deep. We choose the linen weave in natural and really do need it stain guarded. Thus far the cushions act as down, just not nearly as heavy,  and just need a good shake to go back into proper form. My absolute favorite part is the legs or lack there of. Its a simple wood plank base. The downside was that we ordered back in February and did not receive it until the latter part of May. When it finally did come it had a big ole stain on the arm and the only option was to return it or give a go at removing the stain. Thankfully it came out with little effort and cold water. It also came with a lot of loose threads. Not the biggest deal as they were on the seams, but still. Once we got the stain out and cut all the strings ourselves I was once again thrilled with our purchase. 

You can see more of the space here

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