The Living Room: Now Complete

My once a month goal of blogging quickly turned into not blogging at all. It was not my intent, but I was still trying to find a way to balance work, kiddos after school sports, family time, and breathing in general. Ha. Lets just say multi tasking is not my gift. Alas we made it to summer and although Ellie still swims on her team at the wee hours of morning, I did cut back on work to two days a week and we no longer have to focus on school work, lacrosse, etc. All that to say I am going to try to blog again once more, I really do miss it, but I am quickly learning to not put anything into stone. More importantly are you all tired of seeing my living room yet? I guess you can now say you've seen it in winter, spring-ish, now summer and all back to back. Honestly it's one of the only rooms that I can officially deemed finished... well for awhile anyway. We have only one additional project that is not finished, but I am eager to share anyway. Coming soon, well I hope so anyway. Back to the living room, did you spot the difference? THE SOFA! We ordered back in February and got it last month. It took FOREVER, but we love it. It was the first and only sofa the Mr and I both agreed on and we bought it during a huge sale. I will share more details about it on my next post. The good and the ugly. Anyhow, on to the pictures as I am well aware that is the fun part!

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