"Ellie may you take a picture of me in my new favorite top?" - Me

"Sure mom, but maybe you could add more spunk. Mess with your hair." - Ellie

"A little better I guess." - Ellie

"I have a better idea! Get in the vines! Now that's MUCH better." - Ellie

These are the moments where I see a little spark of creativity shine behind her eyes when she holds our camera. Even if I lean more towards the simplest of styling I refuse to crush her creative drive. She loves more. She loves more color, she loves louder spaces, and she loves decadent foods. She loves the richness of life and I lean towards finding the beauty in the smallest of things. So here I am entangled in vines, giving more to the camera than what I find comfortable. This is me allowing her to become more. 


SOURCE: top {also bought this one} | jeans | shoes by Vince {similar