I feel like the last couple of months have been quite the whirlwind. A good one at that. My body is starting to settle once again. I joined the team of Katrina Porter Designs, held my first residential presentation that I have done in years, still shooting and managing Kellen Jacob Photography, and still trying hard to hold onto this ole blog. Oh, and let's not forget the whole mama and wife thing. I am committed to be all in while doing whatever task is at hand in order to make the most of my time. When the kiddos are at school I am in full work mode and when they get home I try to be in full mom mode. Ellie joined a swim team and although I was worried about the time commitment it has not only blessed her but me also in a way I did not expect. It gives me one full hour lounging on a chair, feeling the breeze, and watching my baby learn to spread her wings. It has quickly become my favorite hour three days a week. Of course horseback is still to be had, soon baseball will start for KJ and they both are going to do piano. When I write it all down it seems like quite a lot, but these are the years that I believe they are finding things they love and once they no longer love it then we will shed it, but I want to grant them the ability to be brave and try. Our full weekends are now left to friends and relaxing. This whirlwind I am in is quite beautiful.