The Not So Pretty

I'm not sure what this space would be defined as. Laundry room, kitchen nook, original breakfast room? Oh, how I would love to meet the original owners and have them walk me through every space and say what the intended purpose was. This space currently serves as the open laundry area. Part of me loves being able to be in the kitchen and do laundry at the same time. The other part of me can't stand that it invites clutter and well it really is messing with my pretty new kitchen re-do look. Since closing in January I have evaluated this space over and over. 

Here are just a few options that I have mulled over since moving in at the beginning of the year...

1. At first I thought we would enclose the space and add some sort of old schoolhouse door so light could still shine through. The space would remain a full functioning laundry room and I would add simple shelving for storage. This one is just perfect. 

2. & 3. I then came across Michelle Adams office and LOVED the builtins. Of course I have never stopped thinking about Jessica De Ruiter's office since spotting it years ago. We do desire having an office space that is more open to the living area so as the kiddos get older I am able to monitor more closely their computer use. I think a combination of both the offices would solve the office storage dilemma and also give us a space to work. I love the thought of having a more communal office area. 

4. We have also considered moving the refrigerator into this space and adding open storage to serve as a pantry. Love how the above uses a window to define the two spaces so light would still come in. This would also give us room to get the microwave and some other appliances out of this main kitchen area. Since it is plumbed we potentially could add another small sink into the mix. It potentially could be what pantry dreams are made of. 

In both the latter two options we would move the laundry to the huge hall closet by the bedrooms. It was serving as a play place for Ellie, but she hasn't used it in months so now it's just wasted space. What way would you all lean towards? Wish it was a big enough nook to serve all purposes, but alas it's not.