This is our third kitchen to re-do in some shape or form. I thought it would be fun to share how each kitchen stays true to our aesthetic over the years yet feel a bit different from each other. Part of it is my style evolving into something a bit more minimal and the other part is I try to honor the style of house in which we dwell. 

This house is a new brick craftsman. It is in a neighborhood where all the houses are similar to each other. It was a sweet home to raise toddlers as it was an all open floor plan with one level and afenced in yard. It was somewhat more out in the country. I am actually proud of this little house. I once overheard a magazine editor state they would never shoot a home in a neighborhood like that yet it was published twice. Never say never. This kitchen had cherry cabinets that we painted with a sprayer. Obviously this house represented a time when more was better. Funny how age changes you or at least me. You can see more of this kitchen here.

This was our rental house, a 1931 craftsman closer to the city, that I was allowed to tweak. It was sweet for a season. This home actually made us downsize and I could not have been more thrilled. It was the push I needed. It also got me used to having the laundry in the kitchen. Funny how it didn't bother me as much then as it does in this house. Maybe it's because I can actually change it in our current house when the funds allow and the funds are just not allowing currently. Ha. You can see more here.

This is our kitchen today. We bought this mid-century modern after we fell in love with the school system of our rental. Prices are higher here so in order to buy in we had to buy a fixer upper. A major one at that. The bones are good though so it made it perfect for us. As for the kitchen, will it be like this forever? Probably not. We are planning a future remodel, but for now I LOVE it. It functions well and is way bigger than our last kitchen. I do like the charm of it. I personally think the gallons of makeup applied to her made all the difference. You can see the reveal here.

Can you tell so many of the pieces from the first kitchen are still being used today? I have had quite a few bad buys over the years, but thankfully I have also had some really good ones. Simple changes as using a bolder paint color adds more of the modern touch our current house needed to go back to its roots. The softer colors in the first kitchen worked for such an open floor plan in the country. Black would have been too much. I have continually leaned towards simple pieces that have an organic feel. The texture of pretty baskets, the warmth of wood, the feel of natural stone, and an abundance of plants unify all the spaces. They are pieces that may forever speak to me. Below are some staples that can lend it self to an organic and simple kitchen space. As you can see depending on how it's all paired together you can go either modern or a little bit softer. All items are from the amazing Nordstrom sale. Found some great items for both Ellie and KJ for school too!