New Traditions

I grew up in Massachusetts and one of my fondest memories when I was little was visiting my best friends home. Their house always smelled like fresh baked bread. Normally it would be paired with a tomato soup yet we never grew tired of it even though we would have it multiple times a week some months. I can still recall spooning the soup into bowls right off the stove and then having the bread laid by its side. I hold dear the times I sat at their dining table learning and laughing along with their family. These memories are stored deep within. We parted ways when I moved down south, but that memory has lingered on. The sweet smell can still transport me back to a simpler time and maybe that is what led me to starting a new tradition for our little family. Every Sunday I have began making bread for the kiddos lunches although I can quickly see that this bread may need to be made more than once a week. As I grow another year older I am realizing it's the little things that matter and I am slowly but surely distancing myself from things that don't contribute to building a life of meaning. A life that I want my children to emulate with grace not with a force that comes from striving to be something else. So here is my new tradition of making our house smell sweet and everyone grabbing one more slice.

I use this simple recipe here. I swear by King Author flour for baking.

* as most of you know my diet is dr ordered strict and I have been off gluten since KJ was just a baby so I have been trying to find a good "bread" alternative. The little muffins are so close to being just that. A few more times and I think I will have the recipe just right even if KJ said he likes them as is. Of course I will be happy to share if anyone is interested once I have it perfected. Can I tell you how hard it is to bake without grains, sugar {even natural}, and eggs.

{plates by vagabond vintage}