Is summer flying by for anyone else or is it just me? I feel as if school just let out and I am currently in the midst of being required to sign up for fall sports. I can't even get my brain to go there. We had our one big trip, but besides that have been really low key thus far. It may even border on lazy most days and I am so okay with that. As the kiddos are getting older I know my summers like this are dwindling down. Soon they will want to be with their friends more than I. For now I will relish in the fact that they want to be by side continually and try not be annoyed when they ask me the same question for the 100th time.

Above are a few goodies from our jaunt at the West Homewood farmers market. Pretty flowers and handmade spoons are enough to keep a smile on face for awhile. The kiddos on the other hand enjoyed some of the most amazing cookies by friend Kat and Melissa. They are some of the most stunning cookies I have seen and the rest of the family confirmed they taste great too. It's a win win really. Have I mentioned how much I love a slow summer?