I can not be any more excited to be sharing this post with you! This space and house for that matter has moved to a snails pace on checking things off the list. These last couple of months though we have really buckled down to get some hindering projects off that long list. Of course one of the most exciting for me is this den space. When we first toured this house this space was a dark cave that I knew had so much potential. I knew it would be the space that I would want to do all things in and FINALLY that has become a reality. I have to say what put the finishing touches on making this space feel oh so new is our recently received custom Comfort Works slipcover for our dowdy Restoration Hardware Sofa. I mean look at her! She looks brand new and oh so pretty...

Can you even believe it is the same sofa I shared here? I love the deep gray and the way it plays off the warm tones in the room. The fabric is hardy which is perfect since the sofa does sit right by the sliding glass door. We already had a moment with chocolate, but a simple dab of a cold wet cloth and it came right out. WHEW. The slipcover can be washed in cold water then air dried. I will let you all know how that goes when the time comes.

We decided to add welting to the pillows and I am so glad we did. At first I wanted it just like the RH sofa, but I love how it adds just a touch more dimension to the old sofa. I did end up leaving on the old RH pillow covers under this one to hopefully elevate the shedding chicken and I am so happy to say that we have not had one feather break free since receiving our new slipcover.  We have had it about a month and it has been well used. I truly am thrilled with what this slipcover did for the whole space. It really did rescue a bad/expensive buy. Also when did my kids start to look like teens?

Back up a bit and you can see how the slipcover came beautifully packaged. As soon as it arrived my sister and I got busy putting it on. Overall it was so easy. Each piece was labeled which made the process go quite fast. I think I could have done it by myself with some muscle, but having another person made it a breeze.

To be honest I was extremely nervous it would not fit with all the curves of this sofa. I had a million questions going through my head, I mean I could have measured wrong. What if it didn't fit?!?! Alas all my worries quickly vanished as it all came together. It truly looks like it came with the sofa. Better even. I know Comfort Works saved my RH sofa that was worse for wear with the custom replacement cover. Can you imagine the fun that could be had with an ikea piece? They make slipcovers for those too. My wheels are officially turning.

* The slipcover was received in exchange for a review. The review is completely my own. Honestly this house would not be progressing so beautifully without the help of a few collaborations and sponsorship. Thank you to all who support this ole blog of mine! I really am grateful.

** Did you notice the sneak peek into our new mud room and kitchen makeover??? Will be sharing more next week. This space really has made a dramatic change!