Transplanting a Fiddle Fig Tree

The kiddos are at our church's summer blast and the house is so quiet I am not sure what to do. My normal self who craves time in silence to recharge is missing the constant bustle. Who knew. Who knew it could get so quiet that the crickets outside become deafening. Who knew that trying to write in silence almost makes my brain too loud. Who knew.

Recently I transplanted our fiddle fig tree. It's been going strong for years now and has survived two moves. This past move it did suffer a limb breaking, but she sustained. I was nervous to make the change as I knew it might kill this finicky plant, but we are a month or so out and she is doing well. She was dry when the move took place. I lined the bottom of the pot with rocks and added good soil from our local garden shop. It was recommended to use this root stimulator that would help ward off the shock of the move and it has seemed to help. I rationed down the bottles recommended amount to about a quart of water. I was afraid the full dosage would be too much as she only gets a few cups of water every couple of weeks. I topped the soil with my favorite moss. I hope now she has room to grow, to spread her roots and grow tall and full once again.

Who knew I would find a kindred feeling with this ole tree. I too know how it can feel to be put in a pot too small. A pot that can make me feel bound by the news that can wreck my heart, by another flair up after a trip that reminded me how good I have it even if my body hates me most days. I know the feeling of wanting to break free and have the room to grow and not be confined by my own thoughts and feelings. I also know the moments I feel like the Lord breaks open that pot and puts me in one bigger. One that allows me to stretch, breath deep, and move forward. I know when that pot starts to grow too tight again, as it always does, I know that the Lord will grant me one larger. Who knew... He knew. He always does even when the silence around me makes my brain too loud and it is too much to bear. There is so much of this world I will never understand, but He Knew. He always does.

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