The Living Room: Almost There

This room has at least four times since moving here in February. This room is where everyone spends the most time. It finally took a turn towards "better" once I found this rug. I adore it! Hides mess so well yet is light and bright. My only wish is that I bought one more size up after adding one more chair to the space. Alas I will survive. Ha.

I can see why corner shelving is no longer popular. It is hard to fill without looking sloppy or too busy. The piggy bank has since moved and I now have some pottery that I found at a yard sale on the bottom shelf. The silver bowl is our dump bowl. Keys, loose change, and the like make its way here till I clean it out. Much better than dumping everything actually on the shelf.

I bought new mats for my frames and now my favorite Cecily Lowe print takes center stage. Plus one of my all time favorite photos of the kiddos I can see daily.

We actually bought this chair before moving in from West Elm's side walk sale. At first I could not make it work in the space so it lived in our bedroom. We then found ourselves hosting tons of parties and get-together's and having an extra chair not being used seemed silly so out she came. I love how it pairs with the blue side table and our well-loved pouf.

The ikea expedient shelving from years ago still need to be styled. Really just stuck on how to do it with a tiny budget knowing that one day this piece will change all together. I am currently dreaming of this piece. Would that not be all sorts of amazing. I did end up adding two more baskets to the bottom so they are now all uniform. It's a start. We stash extra cords and blankets in them. At first I was certain that our main big purchase would be new chairs, but now that the space is evolving they have grown on me. Eventually we will get comfortable swivels, but I don't mind them being on the back burner for now. I do love the extra texture they bring into the space. 

I am head over heels for our new lamp. I love the black against the white. It also helps to draw your eye to the back of this odd shaped room. The little basket was a from a friend and the sand dollars were collected by the kiddos.

Here I also filled the frames with new mats and finally put some photos in. My favorite Raka Mod succulent holder still makes me beam. The new addition would be the most perfect vase. It adds texture without being demanding visually.

These too have been rearranged a tad. My weird vase still makes me smile every time I look at it. The shelves hold so much old and new. The dough bowl was my grandmothers. I remember filling it with treasures from her yard when I was just a girl. The Peter Pottery was a wedding gift. The mirrored houses found at for a steal at West Elm add just a fun touch. The books are ones I have been collecting for years. Currently my favorite design books that I keep on going back to are Habitat, Ellen Home, kinfolk home, and Commune. This one is next on my list. Anyone have it?

This is the space from the other direction. You can see I put the chair back by the sofa. It used to live where the leather one is now. I know design wise it may not be "right", but livability wise it is just what this room needed. It adds as extra spot for tv viewing and adds a place to perch when we have guests which is almost always these days. The mirror, another west elm flea find, still needs to be hung and I am really hoping by the next time I post this that I won't be writing that once again. Ha. You can also see our dining room pendant sticking out. It really was such a great buy.

The light that comes through the windows is amazing. Just not for picture taking. The blog really is a family affair ;) As you can see we are trying to use much of what we have and add a few things here and there to pull it all together. Eventually we may end replacing things like getting new swivels, but for now we are still in the nitty gritty of home renovation. Currently things like new appliances trumps all.

ROOM EVOLUTION: 1 | 2 | 3 | There is even another stage where I seem to not have photographed. It held our old rug that was way too small for the space.

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