Are you a morning person? I have never been one. Slept through the night easily as an infant my mother praises and as I entered my teen years my mornings soon vanished to afternoons. Of course now that I am a so called adult I in turn morphed into a want to be morning person. It was more out of need than want really. The kiddos need to get to school on time and a hectic morning is not becoming for me. It can leave the whole day feeling rushed and flustered. I now have a routine that serves me well. I rise around 7:15 wake the kids and as they bustle around getting all their stuff together I sit with a cup of tea {used to be coffee, darn dr ordered detox diet} and read. Most times it's the bible. Other times it can be a good book that I have trouble putting down or school papers from the day before. When needs arise the kiddos come dashing in with a question, comment, or he said she said. They can find me here, at our kitchen table overlooking our garden.


When we first moved in I had trouble finding my morning spot to perch. So many of our spaces were too disheveled to enter into the day peacefully. I am a creature of habit and in need of constants. I knew this space was meant to be that. Close enough to the activity center, but still outside of it. Without chairs and having only mismatched stools to occupy my old desk, now turned kitchen table, it was not possible for me to feel at rest here waiting to concur the day. Instead it served me a list of to-do's that grew every day. That's when Industry West so graciously asked it I needed help with any areas of our new home. YES!


New chairs  with legs to long after for an old table now has become my morning space of solace. Best part is that when the kiddos have friends over or we have our weekly small group this space can continue being surrounded by laughter and good food. This space has not only become my perch, but also for the ones I love.