Currently I am working on painting the cabinets. We did plan on living with them as is, but I think we are now thinking our kitchen reno won't happen till next year. We are all sorts of not ready to open that can of worms. After putting up the samples it pretty much confirmed for me that I want to go super dark. Almost black. The white laminate counter tops are just screaming for all the help they can get. Thankfully that ole dishwasher has panels that can flip so it too will be black. The stove and fridge will remain white.

Currently I am enamored with my new mirror that I bought for a steal at West Elm. Apparently they no longer make it and had it in the back and just needed to get rid of it. I think it will hang over the piano, but I'm not 100% committed to making holes just yet.

Currently I am reading this book that was recommended to me after FINALLY getting some diagnosis on what has been making me so ill the last couple of years. I'm on a super strict diet, taking tons of supplements and some meds to hopefully detox my body. In short I have a candida overgrowth throughout, I'm allergic to yeast and eggs, and my T3{thyroid} doesn't absorb properly, and that is amongst a few other things. Basically my body is in constant battle with itself and I am praying I will get back to normal in the near future. It's amazing what foods can do to the body.

Currently the "mud room" still hasn't been touched except for the continual pile up of things. Plus KJ's chewy balloon may never stop watching me while I blog. Longest lasting balloon ever.

What are you currently up to?