The Little Things

The house projects have pretty much come to a stall as of late. Now that work is slowing down a tad I am hoping to have a bit more time on my hands to tackle big projects like getting paint on the cabinets till we can afford to re-do the whole thing. I did make time to work on the shelves that I may never get right though. I must be going through a true minimal stage because every time I added more I felt like the room looked chaotic. Anything less looked as if I didn't even try. For now I am content with this little setup. I did second guess my decision of showing where our wii u and u-verse box sit, but then again this is real life and EVERYTHING can't be pretty all the time. After all I do have a ginormous tv over our fireplace that the whole neighborhood can see with our wall of windows so technically I already lost the pretty game. Ha.

The wire you see attaches to the wii u and can easily be removed. Eventually we will get a longer cord that can feed through the wall with the rest of the wires so it won't be seen. The dough bowl was my grandmothers and was always a favorite piece of hers. I feel so privileged to call it my own. The the bowl is a piece of Peter's Pottery that was a wedding gift. The mirrored houses the Mr surprised me with after I eyed them on sale at West Elm. I like how they fill the space without feeling too heavy. The first piece I bought specifically for this house besides lighting was the funky little vase that is on the 2nd shelf. KJ then decided to bring a neighbor friend over to show the weird things his mom buys. I still like it. He can not shake me. I think this little pot may make it into the mix soon too.

A few fun books and a old target pot filled with air plants pretty much makes my heart happy. Isn't that what making home is? Creating little vignettes and spaces that bring you joy? I say if you don't love it why have it? Oh, wait that may have been Marie Kondo.

Habitat | A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life

On the other side of fireplace is another set of shelves that we have stocked with books, but it also has fancy little rounded shelves at the end that I have no idea what to do with. Currently it houses our piggy bank and a bowl for the Mr to throw all his keys and wallet type stuff in when he walks in the door. The bottom shelf still sits empty. Any thoughts of what else to put there? Keep in mind many of my friends have babies. Not sure why I am finding this room so hard to decorate.

The highlight of the week for the kiddos was not me finally figuring out the living room shelves, but our pup moved back in. He lived with my parents since Christmas due to our move, crazy traveling schedule, and I swear our rental was making him sick. KJ left him a little note before leaving for school so that when Mellow arrived he would feel like this was now his home too. Oh how that boy can melt my heart.