Living Amongst the Clouds

Everyday I try to read the one year bible as soon as I wake up. Later I may delve in more, but on an average day the one year bible gets my mind moved from my to-do list of the day to time focused on Him. There are times when I read passages and move on, but then there are days that make me pause and read then re-read a certain passage. Today was one of those days. Numbers 9: 15-23 speaks on the cloud above the tabernacle. "17 - Whenever the cloud lifted from above the tent, the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled, the Israelites encamped." In short they only moved when the cloud the Lord set out for them lifted whether it be a day, a month, or a year. I then started to think of my own life. Recently I started reading Make it Happen by Lara Casey once again. Within the book it has space to write thoughts and reflect on areas of struggle. The first time I read it I was immensely sick. Was mostly found in bed for two plus months straight. Reading this book today I was in awe at how far God has brought me over the course of one year. I was being swallowed by fear of not being enough in any area of life, but today I stand knowing the Lord has greater plans and the fear is gone and a confidence has taken it's place. I'm still not well, but I have peace. This is where the cloud in the Old Testament came to life for me. I could see how the cloud could represent a time where God desires us to stop and listen to Him. To slow down and focus on His purpose for us. To become disentangled in any thoughts which put us in a state of comparison and align our thoughts once again with knowing we all are part of His purpose in our own ways. As I read and re-read the passage I realized the cloud is a symbol of protection. His protection. At first I read the cloud as being a hard time in ones life, but then the cloud became more to me. I came to realize it could also represent a time where life is going oh so well.  It's where the covering of the Lord is and as time passes this is where I should remain whether it be in a hard season or a so called good one. Within this cloud is where the Lord is able to mold us, teach us, and expand us. This cloud that I once read as being heavy, dreary, and a place to hide now reads as beautiful. I am grateful that Jesus came and we no longer have to walk under a literal cloud, but today I choose to be guided by that cloud of years past. For my greatest desire is to fulfill His purpose that He laid out for me and I know the only way to do it well is to be in-line with His word and have Him guide my way. I will dwell within the cloud that envelopes me in His ways. This is where purpose can be found.