Ellie's Tween Bedroom Makeover {in process}

I feel like everything is continually in process in this ole fixer upper. Of course as a blogger I love a good reveal shoot, but if I wait on that moment then I may have nothing to share in the months to come. Ha. Ellie's room was somewhat picked up so I decided to grab my camera to share where we are now in the process. In our rental I LOVED her room. When we moved here I was planning on just using what we had, but Ellie had other plans. Her main concern was that her VERY pink room {which she begged for} was not even a color that she liked anymore. Mint is now the favorite. I loosened my leash on wanting to be the one in charge of a room makeover in order for her to try her hand at making her room her very own. We have extremely different tastes to say the least. She LOVES bright colors and I tend to lean towards a good neutral. I'm more minimal and I tend to think she has hoarder like tendencies. Overall she is happy with the direction in which it's going so in turn I'm too. 

As you can tell we used quite a few pieces from our old home. The bed was mine as a girl, she requested to use the angel wing lamps which still need shades and the marquee sign was from Home Goods years ago. She added in a few new pieces such as the chair from TJ Maxx, bedding, rug, end tables and her abundance of "stuff". Oh, how all the "stuff" can send a shiver up my spine. I set a somewhat low budget as I know in a year or two she will probably want to change it again into more of a teen room. For now though this room could not be any more Ellie and for that that I am rather proud.

sources: bedding {it's so soft!} | end tables {changed knobs} | end table knobs | dresser from ikea | marquee sign from Home Goods {these are fun or DIY here} | angel wing lamps from Scott's Flea Market | rug | pouf {similar} | lumbar pillow {similar} | roman shades | pendant by tammy Connor purchased from her years ago | door tassels  | sheep skin on chair | her favorite book series