After our stint in Seattle we drove to Portland. It was super rainy so unfortunately we did not get to explore too much. We planned only one night and after being there I wish we built in an extra day. When we arrived we ate at Tin Shed. It had quite a wait, but was oh so delicious. Was super laid back. They even served dogs. Not as in eat dogs, but as in offer them food and water while they lay beneath the table or sit in the owners lap. My southern self took it all as quite a surprise. HA. My personal Portland perk was going to School House Electric. It's even more amazing in person and officially have my list in hand. The Mr found New Cascadia, a gluten free bakery, that was DELICIOUS! Even the kids loved it. The morning we were to leave we made a quick stop at apark that winded through some beautiful neighborhoods. Unfortunately we can not recall the name. It was breathtaking! A quick google search can lead you too many beautiful view points around the city though. We then proceeded down to San Francisco through the Redwood Forest National Park. We had only had a few hours of daylight left so we tried to make the best of it, but that left out any time for hiking. Along the way there are plenty spots to stop and be in awe. We did manage to drive through a redwood in dark which made it all the more exciting for the kiddos. We went through The Shrine tree and was so very thankful it was open past dark since the drive through trees are on private property and people lock them up tight at night. There was an honor box for a small payment so be sure not to miss it.  We enjoyed wildlife, trees, rivers and all else nature has to offer. Be sure to pack your own water and snacks before heading out as there are not many places to stop like that. Also be sure your gas is on full. That drive can be long without any civilization.


Hotel Modera. We loved it. The suite had a separate space for the kiddos and us. Again we booked though Hotel.com for future free nights stay.