I was soaking in the words written about Jesus and His death and resurrection in the book of Mark in the bible this morning. I envisioned Him being sentenced, mocked, beaten, Simon a passerby being forced to carry the cross that was not only extremely heavy in weight but also so extremely heavy in significance. I could envision Jesus hanging on that very cross, being ridiculed, being taunted to have His father save him, Jesus himself calling out to God, Jesus taking his last breath. Joseph wrapping Jesus body and placing him in the tomb of a cut out rock, then finally rolling a rock in front of the entrance. I then came to the resurrection, Mark 16: 1-7, to the moment where the women in Jesus life where bringing spices to anoint Jesus body per ritual of that time. In Mark 16:3 it shows the women on their way to the tomb contemplating who will roll away this rock to the entrance. Mark 16:4 - But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away.

That very sentence brought me to my own life. I can picture the many times I come to a moment in life where it seems so heavy, the burden too great, or my anxiety shoots up when life feels a little hectic. During those times I tend to reach for my phone to call a good friend to hear her wise words, to ease that anxiety that hearing a friendly voice can bring. But I felt in that moment as I was reading this passage after an anxiety induced night that sometimes I can get blinded by trying to make that feeling stop. That sometimes all that I need to do is look up and I will find that heavy stone rolled away and I just need to walk through into His risen arms. I realized I'm not so different from the women walking to Jesus that morning. That I too question how can -insert the impasse of the day, week, year- this be done. I too must keep on walking, look up and I will see that stone rolled away from whatever pain, anxiety, fear I hold onto. After years of living a faith filled life I realize that moment may not come in an instant, but it can. The walk may be far or short. Either way this walk must be in the direction of coming to that rolled away stone where I know Jesus has risen and has already set us all free. Sometimes I find their can be great beauty within the walk even amongst all the hurt. It makes coming to that already rolled away rock all the sweeter.

{Mark 15-16 for reference}

*By the way can I tell you how hard it is for me to hit publish on a none regular blog day especially at a weird hour. Ha.