Dog Days

Are you all pet people? I grew up with having many. My parents were ones that always let any stray stay and me and my sisters took full advantage. This pup we have had for 5 or 6 years now. He was in need of a home and my parents asked if we could hold on to him for a little while. Well if you could have seen the kiddos faces you would have instantly known that he was destined to be our dog for they would not give him back without a heartbreaking fight. I think the Mr, who is not a pet person in any way, still regrets that decision to this very day. The Mr is a good man and will forever put the kiddos first hence our short lived life with dwarf hamsters that got out of the cage to never be seen again. Oh the heartbreak. Our pup has lived on though and is 7 now and his eye sight is hit and miss. He has learned recently that he can jump on furniture which is something that drives us all a little insane. Yes it took him seven years to learn how to propel himself with his short little legs.  He learned this new trick at night and he still hasn't quite got it fully down and it takes multiple tries. Loud tries. Can I tell you how disturbing that can be in the middle of the night when you are startled awake by loud thumping and things falling over? Heart stopping, breath holding, type of fear can envelope me so quickly and so quietly in those late hours. Our pup is now a proud owner of a new doggy kennel due to his new found high jumping skills. This pup of ours loves the kiddos dearly. He is protective and loving. He shouldn't be though. He is a pekingese and we were warned that he may not be meant for families with small children, but he needed a home and I believe he wanted a home too. He eventually outgrew his skittishness and occasional nips here and there. He now trots around like he is their big brother. He endures being dressed up and rough housing with KJ. He let's Ellie carry him around like a baby doll without even a fight. My kiddos truly adopted the sense that he is theirs and I truly think our pup thinks they are his. This will probably be our only stint with us being dog caretakers and I am grateful he is it even if he can send my allergies into orbit and drive us all up the wall his barking and scratching.

* I found this kennel at Target while strolling through one day. I like the way it blends into our decor more than the metal wire ones and its collapsible so if need be I can hide it away.  The best part is that he actually loves it. He has always been a fan of hiding places and thankfully this one is up to his standards. This one is a medium, but I could not find it online. Here it is in large though for reference. The insert is a doggie bed found at Home Goods awhile back.