Taking a Different Turn...

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Good morning! Not even sure how to start this post except to jump right in. I am changing up Two Ellie. Whew I said it. It's now confirmed and I'm getting to work. I started this blog in 2008 as a sort of outlet to being a stay at home mom with two babies. I was creating our first real home and eating up every minute of it. The blog has since grown and so have I. To be honest I am in new place with new loves. Simply said I'm a different person than I was in 2008... thankfully. The core of me and this blog will remain the same and that's to love people, this world God has given us, and share the beauty within it. I guess my new beautiful though is not about interiors, hosting bigger than life birthday parties for my kids and the like. Those things are so wonderful, but when it becomes about a blog post and not the people in my life then something became misaligned. My new beautiful is about being a woman of God, motherhood, and being a wife. Sometimes my beautiful is downright ugly and I've grown to love that. All that to say I have new ideas for this little blog of mine. It's going to be less about interiors and have more of a focus on what my life is today and the people in it. I have become more simple, somewhat minimal, my home is not perfect, I am finding a love for creating in the kitchen, I have a renewed heart for women and their joys and struggles and that is what makes my heart sing again. I want to share life. The ups and the downs. I don't want it to be a weekly post, but what this blog is about. I have a clear vision for what it will look like and will hopefully be sharing very soon, but this new blog will take some real work and I'm excited to get started even if it scares me a little. I've stayed in the safety of this blog. It was my constant, it stayed the same content wise pretty much, but it truly became a job and not a happy one. Last night as I was sharing this tidbit of info with a wonderful group of local creative woman, one woman's words set deep within my soul and I knew it was a confirmation that I was hearing the Lord clearly on what this blog of mine should be or whether it should even exist anymore. Not even sure why her words rung so true. To be honest I've heard them before, but this time I actually "heard" them. She told me "Two Ellie grew up and that's okay." BAM. Those simple words somehow set me free from the confines I put myself in. I am now ready to move forward and I really hope you join me, but if this new blog does not sink well into your life then I thank you for having coming on this blog journey with me over the years and wish you well. This blog could not have come as far as it did if it wasn't for you all. I am humbled and grateful.

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There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens - Ecclesiastes 3:1