going modern

I am dreaming big time about getting outside, soaking in the sun and getting my hands dirty. Maybe it's all this dreary cold weather that has me wanting warmer days. In our last house we had a sort of wild English garden with hydrangeas, climbing roses, and lambs ear taking center stage. This old home I am thinking of going a bit more modern. The back has a large concrete patio, and even larger concrete parking pad, and a strip that I only assume had grass at one time. I can't go overboard since this is only a rental house, but knowing we will be for quite a few years makes me not mind going out and putting in the work. This space and this one have me inspired! First thing on my list is a firepit. We miss our old one. Some of my favorite nights have been around the firepit roasting marshmallows and telling old stories. Oh, and the last one is only a pipe dream due to the pricing, but isn't it a beauty! I am even contemplating a DIY version.