Where the Wild Things Are

Yes, we are that family in the neighborhood that just may have a huge tent hanging out in their front yard. It adds character right? Growing up I have the most fond memories of all our family camping and hiking trips to Maine and Vermont. We weren't well off and camping was and still isway more economical than say Disney World especially when you lived all the way in Massachusetts. My dad being a forestry engineer would take us on hunts to find every kind of leaf and bug imaginable. My mom would make me wear an awful orange beanie so I wouldn't be shot by hunters. I remember hating it at the time, but now having kiddos of my own I would probably make them wear a bright orange jumpsuit so the hat technically wasn't that bad. Sorry mom. The Mr camped too and the kiddos always love hearing stories about all his wild bear encounters he had while camping in the Colorado mountains. They are riveting I tell you and the kiddos never grow tired of hearing them. With so many camping stories told the kiddos asked why we didn't camp too. Good question. So now we are the proud owners of a huge tent and hammocks. We have only actually stayed it in one night in the yard simply because Alabama is still a million degrees too hot and my hot flashes can't handle it. So now we wait for the cool fall air to move in and we will be off making memories and adventures of our own. Hopefully ours remain without any bear encounters.

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