Memory Maker

Do you have a room in your house that you practically live in? Our TV room happens to be it for us. I am sure it is the same for many. I would not say it's just because the tv lives here, or the sofa is the most comfortable even if he sheds feathers constantly, or the fact that its the room that leads to every other space in our home. These are the things it holds, but the memories that have been made here is what makes it my favorite. This room is where we have Friday family movie nights, this is where the neighborhood kids have all rallied around watching the Mr defeat Donkey Kong on the wii-u, this is where sister and brother will unite on rainy days playing some sort of Lego world. Homework is done here, art projects created here, reading time is conquered here. For 8 weeks I slept on this sofa after my burn. When the kiddos don't feel well this too is where they sleep so we can reach them at a moments notice. At night, after the kiddos are suppose to be in bed, this is where Ellie comes trotting down the stairs looks through the railing and tells us of something oh so pressing. These stairs have been stomped up when told to go clean their rooms and I have come crashing down them. Football games with friends have been watched here and it amazes me how many people we can fit into this tiny room. It holds the laughter and roars that I am sure all our neighbors can hear. This is where we stream our church's 21 days of prayer twice a year and this is where I have seen the kiddos and my faith grow leaps and bounds. This room brings comfort when we are hurt, sad, happy, or just need plain ole down time. It's where we unwind after busy days, and connect with the kiddos daily, it's our special place. Funny how a space even just a rented space can become so much to one family. When it becomes less about the stuff in the room and more about the feeling it brings and the people in it. It's where life happens, our life happens. Now to only figure out how to capture every memory made here, the good and the bad, and bottle it away for safe keeping. One day when the kiddos grow older and I need the rush of something oh so ordinary I will dislodge the top and let the emotions envelop me reminding me of the days spent here in this very place for I know these days are fleeting.

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