Looking Back...

I was going through some of my old images and came across these from two years ago. The shoot was for a Home Depot design challenge. It's amazing to me how much the kiddos have aged in such a sort amount of time. Well for that matter I can't believe how much I've aged either. Ha. Oh, how I miss my garden and am grateful to our renters who have kept it going. Some funny tidbits on behind the scenes of a styled shoot... It was so HOT that day, like miserably hot. You have to shoot a few months in advance so we were still in the midst of a Alabama heat wave. The sweater I am wearing was on a friend a few hours before. I liked how it was fallish, but I wouldn't die in it so she took it off and handed it over. My friends all thought it was hilarious that I was carrying a baguette for they know my gluten allergy would mean in no way it would make it to my table in real life. It does make for a pretty picture though. The soup was served cold. Who really wants soup in 100 degree weather? That pretty curl I'm sporting was actually a rat nest from wearing my hair in a bun so much. All in all though the "party" was a hit with the kiddos and we all had a blast doing it.

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