I got an urge to pick up the camera and see through the lens. Something about only being able to focus on one spot through the viewfinder soothes me at times. What I saw were not vignettes that were perfectly styled or even all that clean as every blogger has trained themselves to do, but I did see a home that is loved. It kind of matches where I am currently in this place the Lord has brought me and I love it, I can finally rest in the undone.

- The curtains are a jumble for some reason. The chair has dirty finger spot. The candle stick is broken. The vase needs flowers. It is undone.

- Joy is found at this table with dinner talks and laughter. The fiddle fig tree has sprung new leaves. Next week this table will be filled with new faces as our small groups begin. It is love.

candlesticks | curtains | light fixture | vase {target} | solid chairs {west elm} | cane chairs {craigslist}

- Below is a pile of dishes that need to be washed. The window sill needs dusting. You can feel the cold air through the old window panes. It is undone.

- The horsehair nest and feathers were loving collected by my children. The scripture rings true. The marble pear has traveled with me throughout the years and reminds me of our old home. It is peace.

- The recycling to the right is piled high. Dog food is scattered on the floor. Crumbs live in this spot. The basket is piled up with food my body hates. We have succumbed to paper plates every day. It is undone.

- The antique table was a birthday gift from the Mr. The worn spots makes me wonder about the life it used to have and the stories it must hold. It makes me happy to know it has a second life here and we can add to those stories. The chalkboard holds a menu that will hopefully lead to better meal planning that will insure we stick to the monthly food budget. The chalkboard also marks our count down to our Disney trip. It is hope.

chalkboard | candle sticks {west elm} | school house light fixture

- The bed is unmade and will remain that way for awhile I am sure. The sheets need to be washed yet again. The window blinds are broken and to be honest have a slight smell. My bedside table is a mess. After all these years I have yet to find the perfect lampshade. It is undone.

- This bed has brought me much comfort these past few weeks and granted my body rest. The books piled high have filled my soul with a deeper connection with Jesus. The small dish holds my wedding rings and keeps them safe from the nearby floor vents. The lamps give light in the dark of night. It is comfort.

sheets {although they discontinued this colorway} | duvet | blanket | ring dish {west elm} | headboard {DIY} | nightstands | water bottle | lamps {scott's flea market}