and we are off!

Today the Mr and I are off on our 10 year anniversary trip! He has completely planned it and I am just along for the ride. Our first stop is Miami. We are staying a few days at the Viceroy and I could not be more thrilled. He really did pick all the accommodations by what I would like. I think he hopes it will entice me to say in most days. Was that too much? Ha. The hotel was designed by the ever fabulous Kelly Wearstler. Her work is so dramatic and so over the top, but she does it with such style and grace. I am just so excited to enjoy some time with the Mr and rejuvenate our marriage with out having to think of daily tasks at hand {even if I don't really mind those daily tasks}. I am ready for some time in the sun, good food, a good read, and long talks. This trip also is our first that I will be away longer than two nights. Pray for me mama's!