Making Decisions... {I need your help}

The last 6 months or so I have been trying to evaluate this whole blogging thing. Even though I go through seasons where I think I am done, this is not that season. I am loving it more than ever even though I keep on reading from others that blogging is on it's way out. This blog started as a personal journal of sorts and helped me grow in ways I never would have thought possible and I still feel as if it is still that in a way. Anyhow, my main problem is that my host has retired the squarespace 5 and moved on to a new format squarespace 6. They did this awhile ago, but I just tried to ignore it. The 5 app has stopped working and that is what kept me "good" at replying to comments and blogging in general. Now I find myself accidently ignoring comments and when life is busy I miss posting all together. I hate that. Why have I not made the update? Well my css is partly custom and it won't be a smooth transfer. This blog will become like an add-on similar to my old-blog above. I still remember the year I switched from blogspot to squarespace. It almost killed this little ole blog. It took me a good year to get my readers up again and the comments went from 50+ a day to nothing. My favorite part of blogging was the so called "conversation". I then had to succumb that this space is no longer that and won't be again. Boy do I sound whiny! HA. Not meaning too, just wanted to lay it all out there so you all can help me make my next decision. Should I or should I not make the switch to squarespace 6? Is it to risky a move? I used to blog for just myself, but these days I truly do just blog for you all. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!