a new chair, possible art, and a throw to review

I finally found the chair for this space. I know I gave a glimpse of it last week, but iPhone photos just aren't up to pair for how pretty this chair really is. Originally I wanted a swivel in here, but all the ones I tried were just too big for such a small space. I almost snagged one from Room & Board, but at a higher price point and not being 100% sure about it made me pause. I then came across this chair at Home Goods and it was ever so comfy believe it or not. The proportions were spot on and it can easily be moved. I have a leather pouf on the side of the couch for when maximum TV lounging is a must. The art leaning against the wall is an image we took at Disney a couple of years ago. It may end up living in here, but I'm still on the fence. I love the way it pairs with my new throw though. Can I make design decisions based on a throw? HA. It was a gift from the folks over at NINE SPACE. Have you seen this shop? It's so beautifully curated. At first the bold color made me nervous, but I love the way it looks in the space. It adds a certain level of warmth. I also had it here. More importantly though it has a great weight to it and wraps ever so perfectly around me and the kids. In the move I ended up retiring most of our throws partly due to the flood and partly because they were gross and people were actually grabbing them out of the basket to use while over. This one I would be more than happy for even a stranger to curl up with when over. Being a pastors wife means having strangers over, who normally turn into friends, is not an unusual occurrence. Plus the Mr keeps the house at arctic type temps. I am never not wrapped up tight. Our new neighbors may think I'm nuts. Thankful for a beautiful new throw to don!