Multi functional

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I have quickly learned with this new move we need pieces to be multi functional. Old homes don't come with many closets. The ones we do have are quite tiny. My first "huh" moment came when I realized there was not a spot for towels in either of the tiny baths. This also meant my hair dryer, flat iron, and makeup had no where to go never mind all our lotions, shaving creams, etc. The kids bath was an easy fix. They use the old hutch that was in our old dining room that now serves as a library in their hall. The cabinet beneath is a perfect spot for all their bath needs. In all honestly they use our bath more often than not anyway. It was that way in our old house too. As for the downstairs bath the most logical and only spot we had to use for storage is in the office. It is right outside the bath so it makes a quick detour easy. We then came across another problem. We had no where to put our many books. While out shopping with the Mr we came across this bookcase at West Elm. We both LOVED the style and the size was perfect. After opening up the cabinet we realized the shelving inside was just perfect to house all our bath needs. The shelves are large enough to put our books into double rows too. We are one step closer to getting this house done! Well, I still have hundreds of steps to go, but one is good for now.

 Here are a few more that could get the job done...