A New Table

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you may have seen an image of this little table. I spotted it at a local antique store and instantly fell head over heels. I loved the function of it and the age. I love being able to see so many water rings and can't help but think how many memories this table must hold for someone. The grain is rather amazing too. This is where my, if you love it then you can make it work, philosophy comes in. Originally I discussed wanting a bookcase for this spot for extra storage and to get things off my counter. I viewed this one from World Market, but in person it had a lot of gray and would not add the warmth I was aiming for. This table was spot on for color and warmth, but obviously makes the storage problems remain. I left it at the store and slept on it. I could not get it out of mind and new it was meant to be even if it did alter my plan a bit. The Mr ended up gifting it to me for my birthday. The kids were so excited when they saw it. They ultimately decided it will be a perfect homework table and I quickly noticed it added the much needed extra seating for all our entertaining needs.

It's a sturdy little table and has casters which makes it easy to move around. In this position I love that I can see the grain of the table so well and can function as a sort of work/baking station for me and the kiddos. Being so short does have it's perks at times.

Here I have one end up. I could scoot a couple of stools underneath and it would work as a table for two. Oh, and do you spot the piece of art on the table? It was from my parents. I have been wanting this piece for years. It is a family piece, as in painted by a family memeber, from the 18th century and I can't believe it's finally mine. Now just to find the perfect spot to hang it.

Here the table is fully open. After measuring and measuring I thought I could not get a table to fit in this spot comfortably and well this little table proved me wrong! I would not say the Mr could sit on the back side comfortably, but the kiddos or I could without any problem.

If I were to leave it open I would need to use stools or a chair that would feel on the lighter side without adding bulk. Immediately I thought of this Bertoia style chair. The only problem I can foresee is that on the leg side of the table they would not push in all the way. Another style that would give the same feel is a ghost chair. This one has a traditional style, but still feels quite modern. I am just not 100% they are me or if dirty hands would eventually drive me nuts with smudge making. Do any of you have experience with a clear chair? This one would be able to be pushed in which is huge I suppose. My other thought is to just use stools. These are stackable and the table would mostly be used as child overflow when we entertain or by me. When we have company I always grab a stool for myself when we run out of chairs anyways. It would also give me the option of moving the table out of the way if need be. I could even be bold and do a color. These could be kind of amazing too!