34 {and a gift unlike no other}

Today I turn 34. Funny how one can still feel straight out of college with 2 kids and 10 years of marriage under their belt. Of course once I actually talk to a college age person I realize I am no where near. Those kids these days. HA. I kid, sort of.

I thought for my birthday I could ask for gift, well not for me but for some friend's and a child that has yet to be placed into their arms. They are raising money for adoption. She's the one by me on the end with the infectious smile and her husband John Mark who is equally as fun. I know God has given them this desire to give a child a forever home. I know they will make the best parents. They are two of Ellie and KJ's favorites. I would love to be part of gifting them the greatest gift I know to give... parenthood. So that is where you all come in...

Currently they are hosting a Puzzle Fundraiser. They are half way to their goal of $5000! We did some math and that means if 250 of you donated $10 towards buying a puzzle piece {your name will be placed of the back and be part of making the puzzle whole} then they would be there! Of course more would be welcome!!! Adoption is one of the greatest gifts, but not the cheapest which I have come to learn after walking through this process with many of my friends. Would you all be part of this greatest gift? You can read more of their story here and donate there as well.


Love you all!!!