The Bath {in progress}

This home being a rental means all the changes have to be super budget friendly. Our landlords of sorts are good friends and are really open for us to do whatever. In the next few years this bath needs to be gutted. The floors are so warped it makes the toilet sit on an angle. It was once so wobbly it could tip over, but my sweet papa managed to rig it so it no longer moves on a dime. A whole gut is not something I really want to tackle as of yet so we are making do with what is there. We had it painted the same color as the rest of the house, Martha Stewart Talc from Home Depot. As you can see I am in the beginning stages of painting the vanity Annie Sloan Paris Grey. You can't really tell here, but the vanity is quite beat up. I found the new hardware from Anthropologie. I won't be 100% sure about them till after I finish painting. I simply changed the glass on the given light fixture to save money. I shared the new faucet before and I feel it takes the whole bathroom up a notch. The shower curtain was one of my hoard items that I had stored away. So happy I kept it. It's from Serena & Lily. The stools are from here and for now make a great toilet paper holder. The other stool sits in the kitchen for now. The hand towel is from West Elm and came from the old house. I still need to find some sort of hook or ring for it. The cup was a TJ Maxx find, but I found it's match here. The mirror I came across at Home Goods and it really pulled my whole vision together on making the tile work for us rather than against us.


Here is the bath in progress. The old mirror was already removed and the toilet seat changed out. The tile in the bath still needs to be repaired, but do you see how white I got it all! It used to be black, so gross. It only took me a mere 4 hours to scrub it all down. HA.