My Sporadic Process

We still have high hopes that we can move into the new house Tuesday. It will have been painted, cleaned, and the floor in the kitchen fixed. I still have to change out the lighting, add new hardware in the kitchen, get a washer and dryer, install carpet on the stairs, add window treatments, hopefully redo the main bathroom sooner than later and unpack of course. I have settled on a few items for the house. This fixture will go in the dining room. It will be just perfect in there. I bought two of these when West Elm was having an additional 20% off sale items. I am not 100% sure where their final resting place will be, but for now I am leaning towards the office and KJ's room or maybe even both kids room. Then again they may go in the kitchen although I am 99% sure I want to go with a schoolhouse fixture in there. I think in the end it really will take me sitting in the kitchen for a few days before I have my "a-ha" moment. The upper cabinets are going the same white as the rest of the house and the lowers are going a dark gray {not too far off from our old kitchen}. I would LOVE to share images, but they have yet to actually be painted {see before here and allow your imaginations to run wild}. As for the knobs I'm on the fence too. Imagine that. I like the idea of brass, but I like dark too, then I came across these and the kitchen has the same color scheme I am going for so maybe they are best? As you can see I am highly wishy washy currently. Thankfully I pulled up my favorite antique rug to pack away before we left on vacation so it was saved from the flood. It too will live in the kitchen and that makes me happy. The last thing to do will be to find a tiny fridge on a bargain and choose a faucet. I want to go more modern so I am thinking something like this or this {in my dreams}.