The Front Living Room Design

With this move I have had to somewhat plan out the designs before we even move in. It is helping me see what will fit in the new house and what won't. Also for this home I think I may add a bit of color here and there. Nothing too crazy of course, but I think this style of house needs it. So far this is my plan... Our current charcoal sofa will make the move and sit in front of the large window facing the fireplace. I will add fun pillows, a rug and keep our current wood coffee table. The piano will be placed on the wall by the front door with an oversized photo hanging above. Our fiddle fig trees will be in here too since it gets the best light. I am hoping a new more modern chair will make an appearance sooner then later. Since the fireplace has the huge built in mirror above it I will keep it simple by adding candle sticks that I found in store and maybe a piece or two of leaning art. As for the big area to the side of the fireplace I am hoping to add butcher block shelves a-la Lauren Leiss. The floor is incredibly uneven here so I think this will be the best solution. All this is tentative of course once I do get a few of the bigger pieces in, but for now it makes me happy just to have a direction to go in.