Our New House {the bath before}

Be warned, this post airs on the gross side. HA. This is the main floors bathroom. The good thing is once it has been thoroughly cleaned it will take me about a minute to maintain it every day. It's teeny tiny. I am praying the white tile and grout will be able to be cleaned and look like new. The shower wall to the right actually looks really good. The tub is in really good condition too which is a huge plus. On our right away list after it's been cleaned of course is to change out the toilet, have the walls and ceilings painted, take down the blind, new showerhead that can actually accommodate the Mr's height, change the mirror, and light.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (1 of 2).jpg

On my future wish list is to rip up all the beige tile and install something new and fun. The square footage is tiny so I could go bold on the floor. I have been fawning over this bath by Amber Interiors foreva-eva now and am thinking something along those lines. More than likely I will keep the current vanity since it fits so well and just paint it out and add new hardware. We will see once I can really ponder for a bit. I also like the idea of just planking the walls to keep costs low. I still have this light that I bought for a steal so it will finally be put to good use. I am pretty much head over heels for this medicine cabinet, but the price is WAY out of reach.Any thoughts on where to buy a decent wall mounted mirrored medicine cabinet by any chance?

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (2 of 2).jpg

Here is another view just for reference to where it is. Right behind me is the front door and I am standing in the front living room. The two doors to the right go to our bedroom and what will be an office. Directly to the left of the bathroom is the den I posted yesterday. The house is like a circle of sorts. Don't you just love the crooked door frames? Old homes just get me.