water, new dresses, coffee tables, horses... {our life}

This summer has been good to us so far. We have been to a friends lake house for a couple of days of pure fun and relaxation. Well, as relaxing as having 7 kids with us could be. HA. I found a dress for our upcoming 10 year anniversary. Two quotes and truths that I have been reading everyday to keep this life change decision in perspective and keep me from feeling a bit crazy {will share soon! Hate being vague, but just not ready to put it out there till everything is lined up}. Ellie has riding per usual. I have been ogling this art piece by local artist Robert Belcher at West Elm Birmingham. Not sure why it speaks to me so, but it does. I have pretty much moved into my bestie's friends house. Her newborn has me wrapped me around his tiny baby finger. I worked on her home over a year ago now and we finally bought a new coffee table and pretty much dig it. Babies plus design, could it get any better?