More or Less

The kiddos got out of school last week plus we are amidst a big life change. The change is coming, but we are still prayerfully seeking exactly what that is so for now I am feeling a bit all over the place hence me just now sitting down to blog.

I am looking into a kitchen project that would be for a renter. Of course that means the budget is small, but not invisible. I think these lights could make any drab kitchen sing, but these at a fraction of a cost may be for the win. In reality any light besides the current boob lights would help though.

Since I already mentioned the above project I mine as well keep on going. The kitchen is old, very old. It's in a small craftsman style home. The galley cabinets have already been painted white and the countertops and backsplash are travertine tile much like this. Most can not be changed, but I honestly like the charm of it all. I think these knobs painted the same white as the cabinets would be fun, but these are similar for even less.

A new faucet would be a must. The current one makes filling pots quite the challenge. I am torn between this completely industrial faucet look and this slightly more modern one which is a tad cheaper.

The fridge is off white, really old, and pretty ugly. I think seeing if the landlords would be up for a little chalkboard paint treatment to help it along would be so worth it. Of course being so old it doesn't have a filter water system that I know is a must for so many. I came across this water filter which makes for a quite a beautiful option.

Oh, and the washer and dyer are in the kitchen. No not behind doors, but they are actually part of the kitchen. Cabinet, washer/dryer, then fridge. Front loaders would be perfection in the space, but alas that may not be in a renters budget especially since the old standards still work. What can you do.