Yearning for Spring

This year I am more than eager for springtime weather. Normally I am not one to wish a season away, but I feel like we have been quite teased. We have a smattering of springtime weather, flowers begin to bud, the birds are out to play and then we wake up to cold. Boo. I am ready for full days spent outdoors, days at the baseball park to be spent without a coat, to not be shivering during Ellie's horseback lessons, picnics to be in abundance, and for everything to be GREEN. Today I thought I would bask in what is to come. I am sure you all that still have snow are quite annoyed that we even have a taste of spring amongst your winter wonderland, alas living in the south does have its perks.

1. a family fun game

2. my new blankets I found at T.J Maxx for a steal! {you may have seen them already via Instagram @paulacoldiron} I found ones here and here.

3. twinkle lights {as the kiddos call them} make any night special

4. prettiest picnic basket I ever did see

5. portable grill to bring to the park

6. my springtime anthem