Being Wishy-Washy


I am still being quite wishy-washy on what I want to do with the kids/guest bath. I know it must be done, it's been the exact same way for the last 6 years. I may have settled on a scheme though, but until I yield that paintbrush who knows! I am thinking two-toned paint just like this Milk and Honey project in which I adore. Our current tile is a lighter gray so I think it would work nicely. I will keep our current vanity, but may change the top to something like this. I would LOVE a real marble, but it's just not in the budget and really won't be in years to come. I think a bold black knob would dress it up a bit too. I will take down the sheet mirror and add a wood one for warmth. I currently own both of the lights, this and this one. I got them for a steal at Pottery Barn forever ago, like a $20/$30 dollar steal. I will choose which ever looks best in the end. I also have the glass shelf that will be put to use. New accessories, art, a simple shower curtain and a mat will finish off the space.